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Dr. Mohsen Elhosan

Masters and Diploma in Infectious Diseases, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London University Family Physician. Special Interest in Herbalism, Clinical Nutrition, Intravenous biological therapies and Immunotherapy.


Dr. Shimaa

Immunology specialist, Naturopath and Cupping Therapist.

Special Interest in Immunobiological therapies for Cancers and Immune Disorders.


about us

1-Why is treatment at Gerson the best option for you?

Gerson is the leading biological medicine clinic in Egypt , offering a holistic ability to heal and regenerate. Our methods are often more effective than conventional medical treatment alone, in terms of arresting or reversing the course of illness or disease. The physicians at Gerson also have a long history of medical experience, introducing a wide range of therapies and resources that cannot be found elsewhere.

2-What is the typical wait to get an appointment?

We make every effort to see urgent cases as soon as possible. Non-urgent medical cases can be attended to within two to three days. Availability depends on many factors like physician hours. We will determine your schedule considering your needs during the application process.

3- What is the application process?

The aim of the application process is to help you decide if Gerson is right for you. Some new patients complete this process in a few days, others need much more time to consult their existing medical team and plan their travel. We are here to help you through every step of the process:

Step 1:- please read our frequently asked questions.

Step 2:- call us.

Step 3:- if we can help you, we will arrange a later phone appointment to discuss your goals and answer your questions.

Step 4:- if you wish to go forward we will make a specific recommendation for your visit.

Step 5:- once you commit to a firm plan, we will help you make living arrangements here for your stay.

Some new patients have a complex medical situation, in which case we can arrange a phone consultation with one of our doctors to help you make your decision, of course, if you prefer to contact us initially by phone, you may do so as follows: 01553583326 - 01090803015

4-Which doctors will I see?

Your attending doctor will be assigned to you by the clinic after you have completed your application. All physicians at Gerson are highly trained and experienced in biological medicine. You will see your doctor at least two times a week during your stay.

5-Does Gerson collaborate with my current doctors?

We are happy to coordinate your care with your present doctors or medical team, keep in mind however, most conventional doctors know very little about alternative and biological medicine. We recommend establishing a relationship with a holistically oriented practitioner who can assist you with the clinic's follow-up protocols once you return home.

6- How long will my stay at Gerson be?

The first typical visit usually takes around 2-3 days. Treatments are scheduled daily from Saturday to Wednesday. On weekends, the clinic is closed and you have time to relax or go sightseeing. The extended initial stay allows the medical team enough time to do a complete and thorough medical evaluation, including laboratory tests, physical diagnosis and to individualize your treatment plan. Please note that some laboratory test results may take longer than three weeks. Most patients revisit Gerson clinic once or more per year for shorter stays while maintaining their treatment program at home with supplements, dietary changes, life style modifications and other treatment protocols. While return visits are recommended, they are not mandatory.

7- What medical records should I take with me?

It is vitally important for our doctors to be informed about your current medical records. We therefore ask to bring your latest laboratory results, reports and scans ( such as ultrasound, CT, MRI, etc.) together with the registration form.

8-Is the clinic wheelchair accessible?

For patients with mobility impairments the physical environment of the clinic supports the use of wheelchairs along with access to parking and elevators. We advise that patients are able to travel short distances and get in and out of vehicles. Patients must be able to come and go everyday and move, without Gerson staff assistance, from one appointment to the next across five buildings on our campus. Please note that there is no 24 hour medical care at the living accommodations. If you need such help, we strongly recommend you bring someone with you who can assist you. Please discuss details of your needs during the application process.

9-What should I take with me?

Be sure to pack comfortable clothes, walking shoes, slippers and a notebook for taking notes. It might be a good idea to bring a three-to-two prong adapter as the charging outlets here are two prong .You may have multiple appointments everyday and unavoidably some time will be spent in waiting rooms so some kind of entertainment material is advised. Free Wi-Fi is available at the clinic.

10-What Covid-19 precautions may I expect?

We protect ourselves and our patients from infectious diseases by strictly following hygiene and safety measures. We are optimally equipped for this crisis and have special hygiene procedures in place. Please read our detailed hygiene and safety section for more details.

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  • Saturday - Wednesday: 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Address: Clinic 125 - CMC Building North 90s St - Fifth Settlement
  • Phone: 01553583326
  • Mob: (010) 90803015
  • Email: mohseniali@hotmail.com

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